Chapter Advisor Information

  • As the Advisor to your institution’s chapter of the W.E.B. Du Bois Honor Society, you will be working with students in an effort to fulfill the ideals of the society which include leadership, scholarship and service.
  • The Role of the Chapter Advisor
    In your role as a chapter Advisor, you will provide consistency and guidance to the chapter. Your chief role is to mentor chapter leadership in their efforts to direct programs and activities.
  • The Chapter Advisor(s) Selection
    The Advisor shall be chosen from those persons who have faculty or administrative status at the host institution.
  • Orientation
    New Advisor shall be oriented by the chapter President and the current chapter advisor(s) with the support of the National Office.


Your experience and knowledge of your institution and community in addition to your commitment to education are essential. The responsibilities of the Advisor are listed below:

  • Attend chapter meetings.
  • Facilitate the orientation for new members, chapter programming, planning, and leadership training.
  • Verify and approve the chapter budget.
  • Serve as liaison to the National Office.
  • The advisor does not have voting privileges.

Please Note:
Graduate Alumnus Advisor
A chapter may select a graduate alumnus to serve as a student advisor. This individual is selected by the chapter officers and the chapter Advisor. This individual would assist the chapter Advisor with his or her responsibilities. The student advisor does not have voting privileges.

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